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Narusha Isaacs

Narusha Isaacs is an M.Sc candidate at the Centre for Radio Cosmology (CRC), University of the Westen Cape (UWC) and uses multi-wavelength data to study the dominant process of galaxy evolution- star formation. Her research is aimed to evaluate the effects of changing length-scales on the star formation laws and star formation efficiencies for galaxies. 

Narusha obtained a B.Sc in Physical Science at UWC and went on to complete her B.Sc (honours) in Astronomy and Space Science at University of Cape Town (UCT) through the National Astrophysics and Space Science Program (NASSP). 

Narusha’s social goal is to inspire the youth to reach for their dreams by helping them excel in their academics and making them aware of the opportunities available in science.

Apart from research and outreach, she enjoys many sports and outdoor adventures away from technology.